FC Barcelona

We have established a collaboration with FC Barcelona and its prestigious Foundation in a joint effort to donate over 60 sports uniforms to the entire LAMSA team. FC Barcelona, a globally renowned club with a strong commitment to humanitarian projects, has joined us in this initiative with the aim of making a positive difference in the lives of our players.

This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the advancement of our project and the enthusiasm of the entire LAMSA team. This donation of sports uniforms has not only provided them with the necessary tools to actively engage in sports activities but has also conveyed a message of hope and unity.

Hotel MySeaHouse Flamingo

We have established an agreement with the renowned MySeaHouse Flamingo Hotel in Palma de Mallorca, through which, with their financial assistance, we will be able to invest in the weekly meals for our players and, most importantly, in an exciting project called the Lamsa House. This house will serve as accommodation for our coaches and children facing challenging situations.

Mundo Deportivo

Mundo Deportivo, one of the most renowned sports newspapers at the national level, has shared an article about LAMSA: "Lamsa, the NGO that helps children in Ghana through football." In this it explains who we are, our mission and plans. of the organization's future.

You can read the article by clicking here

Volte Earth

We have established an agreement with Volte, a innovative internet search engine that generates donations with our searches. By using Volte, you help 80% of the advertising money generated while you browse the web go to the benefic cause of your choice, and LAMSA is one of the eligible projects.

Manu Sánchez

Celta de Vigo player, Manu Sánchez, is an ambassador for the project and has provided support both through financial contributions and through promotion on his social media platforms.

The American School of Barcelona

This prestigious school of Barcelona collaborates with us through education. ASB students work with us in order to explore new ways of raising funds and opportunities for the project.